George Wythe, August 30, 1779-March 5, 1789

George Wythe
Oil on canvas, 30 x 25 in., by Eugenie D. Saugstad, 1941, circa;
copy of a portrait of Wythe by J.F. Wear, after a sketch by John Trumbull, 1791

Location: courtroom foyer, right

Born in 1726 in Elizabeth City County, Virginia
Died June 8, 1806 in Richmond, Virginia

Elected by the General Assembly to the High Court of Chancery on August 30, 1779 and became a member, ex-officio, of the Court of Appeals on the same day. Service terminated by the reorganization of the courts in 1788, which took effect March 5, 1789.

Attended College of William and Mary, about 1746
Read law with Stephen Dewey, Prince George County

Other judicial service:
Judge, High Court of Chancery 1779-1806

Professional career:
Private practice of law in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, 1745-1755, circa
King’s attorney general, 1754-1755
Burgess, Virginia House of Burgesses, 1752-1755, 1758-1769
Chief clerk, Virginia House of Burgesses, 1769-1776
Mayor and town magistrate, Williamsburg, Virginia
Virginia representative, Continental Congress, 1775-1777
Virginia state delegate, 1777-1778 (speaker, 1777-1778)
Representative, convention to ratify the U.S. Constitution, 1788
Professor of law and police, College of William and Mary, 1779-1790
Author, Decisions of Cases in Virginia by the High Court of Chancery, with Remarks upon Decrees, by the Court of Appeals Reversing Some of those Decisions, 1795

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