Benjamin Waller, August 30, 1779-January 6, 1786

Unknown artist, 1760-1775, circa
Image courtesy Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Born 1716, in King William County, Virginia
Died May 1, 1786 in Williamsburg, Virginia

Elected presiding judge of the Court of Admiralty in May 1779 and became a member, ex-officio, of the Court of Appeals when it met for the first time on August 30, 1779. Service terminated by resignation.

Attended College of William and Mary, after 1720
Read law in the library of attorney Sir John Randolph in Williamsburg

Other judicial service:
Presiding Judge, Court of Admiralty, 1779-1786

Professional career:
Secretary to the clerk of the General Court, circa 1734-1736
Deputy clerk, James City County Court, 1737
King’s attorney, Gloucester County, 1738
Private practice, Williamsburg, 1738
King’s attorney, James City County, 1739
Clerk, James City County Court and General Court in Williamsburg, 1739-1777, circa
Burgess, Virginia House of Burgesses, 1744-1761
Governor’s Council, 1778-1779

Further reading/Research collections

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