Stephen R. McCullough, March 10, 2016-present

Oil on linen canvas, 29 x 36 in., by Stephen Craighead, 2017

Born 1972 in Marseilles, France

Elected by the General Assembly on March 10, 2016 to a twelve-year term beginning March 3, 2016.

University of Virginia, B.A., 1994
University of Richmond, J.D., 1997

Other judicial service:
Law clerk to Justice Leroy R. Hassell, Sr., Supreme Court of Virginia, 1997-1999
Judge, Court of Appeals of Virginia, 2011-2016

Professional career:
Assistant attorney general of Virginia, 1999-2005
Deputy solicitor general of Virginia, 2006-2007
State solicitor general, 2008-2009
Opinions counsel/senior appellate counsel, 2010-2011

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