George Hay Lee (1852-1861)

Further reading:

George Wesley Atkinson, “George Hay Lee,” n George Wesley Atkinson, ed., Bench and Bar of West Virginia (Virginia Law Book Company, 1919), 19-20.

John Randolph Tucker, “Reminiscences of Virginia’s Judges and Jurists,” The Virginia Law Register, Vol. 1 No. 3, Supplement (Jul., 1895), 13.

Tucker’s recollections of Judge Lee:

“I new Judge George Hay Lee well. He was named for George Hay, a distinguished lawyer in the early part of the century. We were natives of the same old town of Winchester, where also Judge William Daniel was born. He had studied law at the Winchester law school of my father, with Judge Samuels, who sat on the same court with him. Trained in the chancery office of his father, Daniel Lee, an eminent chancery clerk, he was, perhaps, the most expert and skillful of the court in all matters pertaining to chancery practice. As a land lawyer, whose able argument is reported in the leading case of Taylor v. Burnsides, on so many of the phases of the land law, he was the judge to whom more than any other such questions were referred. In private life his manners were courteous and genial, his integrity was without a shadow, and on the bench he was a model of that considerate dignity so highly appreciated by the bar and public.”