Bartholomew Dandridge, August 30, 1779-April 18, 1785

Portrait of Bartholomew Dandridge, attributed to John Trumbull, 1800-1802, oil on canvas. Image courtesy The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Museum Purchase.

Elected to the General Court by the General Assembly on May 29, 1778 and became a member, ex-officio, of the Court of Appeals when it met for the first time on August 30, 1779. Service terminated by death.


Other judicial service:
Judge, General Court, 1778-1785.

Professional career:
Private practice of law, dates uncertain.
Colonial burgess, 1772-1776.
Delegate to the Virginia Conventions, 1774-1776.
Council of State, 1776-1778.
Virginia state delegate, 1778.

Further reading/Research collections

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