Joseph Chinn, December 3, 1931-August 16, 1936

Chinn close up
Oil on canvas, 30 x 25 in., by Sally C. Reisinger, 1935
Location: courtroom, rear

Born February 15, 1866, in Tappahannock
Died August 16, 1936, in Battle Creek, Michigan

Appointed by Governor John Garland Pollard on November 28, 1931, to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Robert Riddick Prentis and began his service on December 3, 1931. Elected by the General Assembly on January 18, 1932, to complete the unexpired term of Prentis. Elected on February 2, 1934, to a regular 12-year term beginning February 1, 1935. Service terminated by death.

Other judicial service:
Judge, Twelfth Judicial Circuit, 1915-1930
Judge, Special Court of Appeals, 1925-1928

Attended University of Virginia School of Law, 1889-1890

Professional career:
Teacher, Louisiana and South Carolina
Private practice, Warsaw, 1890-1915, circa
Commonwealth’s attorney, Richmond County, 1891-1915
President and director, Northern Neck State Bank, Warsaw, 1909, circa
President and director, Northern Neck Telegraph and Telephone Company, 1919, circa
Commissioner of fisheries, 1930-1931

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