Preston White Campbell, January 31, 1924–October 1, 1946 (Chief Justice, November 25, 1931–October 1, 1946)

Campbell close up
Oil on canvas, 30 x 25 in., by David Silvette, 1954
Location: courtroom, left

Born January 24, 1874 in Abingdon, Virginia.
Died during the night of July 2-3, 1954 in Johnson City, Tennessee

Elected by the General Assembly on January 29, 1924 to complete the unexpired term of Joseph L. Kelly and began his service on January 31, 1924. First elected to a 12-year term (beginning February 1, 1927) on February 4, 1926. Service terminated by retirement.

Succeeded Robert Riddick Prentis as chief justice upon Prentis’s death on November 25, 1931. Service terminated by retirement.

Attended University of Virginia, 1896-1897
Read law in the office of Francis B. Hutton in Abingdon, Virginia

Other judicial service:
Judge, Twenty-third Judicial Circuit, 1914-1924.

Professional career:
Private practice of law in Abingdon, Virginia, 1897-1911.
Delegate, Virginia Constitutional Convention, 1901-1902.
Commonwealth’s attorney, Washington County, Virginia, 1911-1914.

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