Lucas P. Thompson (1866)

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Research collections:

Library of Virginia (Personal Papers Collection)
Richmond, Va.
Introductory Lecture, Delivered by Lucas P. Thompson, Before his Law School in Staunton, December 3, 1839 (1839), 14.

Letter, February 22, 1829, from Samuel Meredith Garland (1802-1880) to William M. Waller (d. 1849), delegate for Amherst County in the Virginia House of Delegates.
Garland, who succeeded Waller in the House of Delegates in 1830, observes that many in Amherst County are unhappy with sitting delegates Thompson and Waller and predicts they will have a difficult reelection campaign.

Library of Virginia (Local Government Records Collection)
Richmond, Va.
Augusta County (Va.) Law Library Association Library Record, 1853-1883; 1 v.
Thompson supervised the association at its first meeting on June 7, 1853, when rules and procedures were established. The General Assembly passed legislation on March 29, 1853, authorizing establishment of law libraries with voluntary contributions from members of the bar. Finding aid available.