William Joseph Robertson (1859-1865)

Further reading:

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Charles M. Blackford, “William J. Robertson,” The Virginia Law Register,  Vol. 7, No. 11 (Mar., 1902), 745-761. In 1902, Blackford celebrated Robertson for defending the right of state judges to prevent African Americans from serving on juries in Virginia v. Rives, known as the “judges case.” Brent Tarter discusses this case, which was decided against the Commonwealth of Virginia,  and two closely related cases in Ex parte Virginia (1880), Encyclopedia Virginia, 2015. With these three rulings, Tarter writes, “the U.S. Supreme Court “confirmed congressional authority to enforce African Americans’ rights to serve on juries in state courts.”

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Reference collections:

University of Virginia (Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library)
Charlottesville, Va.
Hunter-Garnett Families Papers, 1806-1889. Includes ten letters from Robertson to Muscoe Russell Hunter Garnett, 1842-1858; finding aid available.