William Thomas Joynes (1866-1869; 1870-1872)

Further reading:

Levin Smith Joynes, A sketch of the life of Thomas R. Joynes [Judge Joynes’ father]; with a brief notice of his father, Col. Levin Joynes [Judge Joynes’ grandfather] of the Continental army (1876, 1902).

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Research collections:

Library of Virginia (Special Collections)
Richmond, Va.
J.L. Apperson, auctioneer, Auction sale of the valuable law library of the late Judge Wm T. Joynes, one of the judges of the Va. Court of Appeals … March 29 & 30, (1877).

Virginia Museum of History and Culture 
Richmond, Va.
Theophilus Agricola Field student notebook; (1852).
Field studied with law with William Thomas Joynes in Petersburg, Va.