Bartholomew Dandridge (1779-1805)

Further reading:

Thomas J. Little, “Bartholomew Dandridge (1737-1785),” Dictionary of Virginia Biography (1998).

Research collections:

Connecting Presidential Collections (a centralized site for searching across presidential collections) provides access to letters, 1771-1784, from Dandridge to George Washington, his brother-in-law, 1771-1784, published in the Papers of George Washington. The correspondence pertains to property and estates, and events during the Revolutionary war.  On August 22, 1777, Dandridge writes to Washington with distress about the arrival of the British fleet in the Chesapeake Bay. “This Country is in as bad a situation to resist an invasion at present,” he wrote, “as you can possible conceive.” *This site is no longer active. Try instead the Founders Online archive from the National Archives and Records Administration.

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Va.
Legal notes of Charles Lee, 1783-1793,1855; 1 volume (microfilm; originals privately owned).
Notes regarding opinions of Dandridge and other judges of the General Court and the Virginia Court of Appeals.