William Roscoe Wilson Curle (1779-1782)

Further reading:

Thomas M. Costa, “William Roscoe Wilson Curle (?-1782),” Dictionary of Virginia Biography (1998).

Research collections:

Curle is represented in the records of the Virginia Revolutionary Convention and Committee of Safety, 1775-1776, printed in Revolutionary Virginia: The Road to Independence; A Documentary Record (1973-1983), edited by William J. Van Schreeven, Robert L. Scribner, and Brent Tarter. The original letters are available on microfilm at the Library of Virginia.

A letter from Edmund Pendleton to Patrick Henry, December 23, 1775, concerning William R.W. Curle is printed in Letters and Papers of Edmund Pendleton, 1734-1803 (1967) edited by David L. Mays.

Connecting Presidential Collections  (a centralized site for searching across presidential collections) provides access to Curle’s response, February 26, 1781,  to a letter in the Papers of Thomas Jefferson from Governor Jefferson enclosing a “Law for Recruiting our Army.” It was decided the order could not be carried out in Hampton, Curle wrote, “as no Assessment in Specie had been made in the County, (oweing to the frequent Invasions, the great Distresses Confusion and dispersed Situation of the Inhabitants).” *This site is no longer active. Try instead the Founders Online archive from the National Archives and Records Administration.