Paul Carrington (1779-1807)

Further reading:

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Research collections:

Connecting Presidential Collections (a centralized site for searching across presidential collections) provides access to items pertaining to Carrington in the Papers of James Monroe and the Papers of James Madison: an agreement of attorneys practicing before the General Court on court proceedings, April 1787; a letter to James Madison, July 17, 1812, pledging support for the war effort; and a letter, 1815, recommending Richard Ellis for appointment as judge in the Mississippi territory. *This website is no longer supported. Try instead the Founders Online archive from the National Archives and Records Administration.

Library of Virginia (Personal Papers Collections)
Richmond, Va.
Carrington Family Papers, 1756-1843; .45 cu. ft. (negative photostat copies).
Records primarily pertaining to purchases of land and slaves by Paul Carrington (1733-1818), Clemont Carrington (1762-1847) and Robert Carrington (1802-1845); includes a letter, 1786, from Paul Carrington to John Daniel; finding aid available.

University of Virginia (Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library)
Charlottesville, Va.
Legal notes of Charles Lee, 1783-1793,1855; 1 volume (microfilm; originals privately owned).
Notes regarding opinions of Carrington and other judges of the General Court and the Virginia Court of Appeals.

Virginia Museum of History and Culture
Richmond, Va.

Carrington Family Papers, 1755-1839: account books, 1755-1791; 21 volumes.
Account books kept by Paul Carrington while practicing law as King’s attorney; includes references to Carrington’s attendance at or involvement in the Virginia Committee of Safety, the Virginia conventions of 1775 March 20-27 and July 17-August 26, 1775-1776, and 1776 May 6-July 5, and the Virginia Convention of 1788.

Carrington Family Papers, 1755-1839, Section 1; 2 items.
Correspondence, 1769-1791, of lawyer Paul Carrington (in Richmond, Va.) with Isaac Read (of Charlotte County, Va.) and Thomas Read (concerning Edmund Randolph).

Paul Carrington Papers, 1755-1778; 8 items.
Includes the license to practice law, 1755, issued to Paul Carrington by the Virginia General Court (signed by John Randolph, Peyton Randolph, and George Wythe); appointments, 1756-1770, of Paul Carrington as King’s attorney in Bedford County, Va., Charlotte County, Va., Lunenburg County, Va., and Mecklenburg County, Va.; appointment, 1772, of Paul Carrington as clerk of Halifax County, Va.; appointment, 1778, of Paul Carrington as judge in the Virginia General Court (signed by Patrick Henry and bears seal of Virginia); and appointment, 1772, of Paul Carrington as county lieutenant in the Virginia Militia for Charlotte County, Va.

Carrington Family Papers, 1761-1954, Section 4: Bible Records, 1733-1818; 3 items.
Collection contains materials concerning a lawsuit in the Court of Halifax County, Va., concerning the purchase and distribution of slaves by Paul Carrington (of Charlotte County, Va.); includes accounts, 1773, concerning Paul Carrington’s purchase of fifty slaves imported by Buchanan, Hastie & Co.; and notes, 1801, of Paul Carrington regarding the distribution of shares in a partnership formed for the purchase and sale of the slaves.

Carrington Family Papers, 1761-1954;
Commission, 1764 [?], issued to Paul Carrington as colonel of Charlotte County, Va., militia.