William Thomas Joynes, March 7, 1866-March 21, 1869; April 12, 1870-March 12, 1872

Joynes close up
Oil on board, 29 x 23 in., by Robbie L. Nurnberger, 1963
Location: Hearing Room A

Born November 8, 1817, in Accomack County
Died March 14, 1874, in Petersburg

First elected by the General Assembly on February 22, 1866, under the new Constitution of 1864 and began his service on March 7, 1866. Service terminated by Reconstruction and passage of a law requiring removal of any official serving in Virginia (and Texas) with a record of any service to the Confederacy.

Elected a second time by the General Assembly on March 23, 1870, to a 12-year term beginning January 1, 1871, but began his service early, on April 12, 1870. Service terminated by resignation.

Other judicial service:
Judge, First Judicial Circuit (Confederate), 1863-1865

University of Virginia, graduated in 1837
Read law, 1837-1839

Professional career:
Private practice, Petersburg, 1839-
U.S. attorney, Eastern District of Virginia, 1850-1853
State delegate, 1865-1866

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